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On The Run Meals – Leading Online Healthy Food Delivery In Toronto

On The Run Meals – Leading Online Healthy Food Delivery In Toronto

Finding healthy food that’s fresh, non-GMO, no salt or sugar can be quite the task. On top of that, the preparation can take a long time. If you’re busy working then to come home and spend that extra time preparing and making the food can be quite challenging. Instead of taking the easy way out and ordering restaurant food, On The Run Meals has changed the game.

On The Run (OTR) Meals is a food services company that believes that being healthy is more than just the food. They strive to educate and provide resources so that they can help save time and optimize their member’s health’s. All their meals are all natural and have no artificial flavourings added. Their meals are prepared with fresh and Non-GMO ingredients. They don’t add any salt or refined sugar to any of their prepped meals.

They strive to educate their members on how their food is being delivered, prepared, and sourced. Their OTR Weekly Planner makes it easy for members to create a personal weekly meal plan, that’s individually tailored to their needs. Whether you want low or high carbs, prefer fish, beef, or chicken, or what your end goal is – OTR Meals can find food that’s perfect for you. Their freshly made food can include recipes like chicken jambalaya, stuffed peppers, and chicken fettuccini alfredo pasta.

OTR Meals strives to be convenient for their members. They offer free delivery within the Greater Toronto Area on Sundays and Wednesdays, as well as completely customizable meal plans. On top of providing a variety of healthy food choices, they also provide health education to their members. Their food is locally sourced organic produce enriched with minerals and vitamins. Their meats are drug-free with no antibiotics added.

When you sign on to become an OTR member, you will gain access to exclusive member loyalty bonuses, including internal promotions, contests, and referral programs. OTR Meals makes it easy for you to sign onto their program. Their website allows you to pick and choose which options you like. OTR Meals starts new subscriptions with a balanced or low card trial package for $150, which includes twelve different lunch and dinner meals chosen by their team. The trial package keeps you covered for six days with two meals a day. Their low carb trial package comes with twelve low carb meals, six salads with a source of protein, and six double veggie meals.

For more information about On The Run Meals, you can visit their website or contact them directly by phone or email. On their website, they have all the information that you need to get started with them. They also have some food recipes to help show you some of their best meals. Their website makes it easy for you to order your food online. OTR Meals is one of the most trusted healthy food delivery services in the Greater Toronto Area.

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