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Mobile Apps for Churches are Taking Worship to a Whole New Level

Mobile Apps for Churches are Taking Worship to a Whole New Level

The age of technology has caused positive disruption in various aspects of daily living. From the way people communicate and network with each other to the way jobs are done, technology has introduced new methods of doing things. With advancements in technology, even worship and church-related activities have now entered the 21st century. 

Accessible Mobile Phone Technology

Access to advanced smartphones and social media platforms have gone mainstream in the past decade. PEW Research Center has provided industry insights to back up this growing trend. More people are now connected via technology, with 95 percent of Americans now owning a cell or smartphone. Meanwhile, 8 out of 10 have access to other types of digital devices. 

Giving Back in the 21st Century

With more people now using their smartphones and digital devices for online access, the trend has influenced the way people get their information and also give back to the community. Raising money for a good cause and networking with local churches for fundraising activities have now become more accessible and faster when done online. With new tools and applications available in the market today, donating to local charities and churches is just one click away. Tools such as Tithely have enabled members of local churches to direct their donations via an accessible online platform. 

Applications Boost Church-Giving

Selecting a platform for church-giving involves looking at certain components. A comprehensive and easy to use interface that provides a host of solutions often encourages more users or subscribers. Having streamlined features and a variety of giving options also allows the user to choose how much and how often to donate to their preferred church. It also allows them to monitor their donation activities and manage their account information. For churches, the perfect tool allows email customization to encourage members to connect with a check over here function. An application with a connection with the National Association of Evangelicals also ensures a comprehensive listing of churches that can receive donations. 

New applications and tools now offer new innovative ways for donating to local churches. Now, tech-savvy individuals can easily give back and manage their donations through a secure platform. Churches that adopt these tools also project a more proactive image among members that is more in tune with the times. It shows that the church can be accessible to the mobile generation.

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