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Onsite Data Storage is Growing with New Software Defined Storage Products

Onsite Data Storage is Growing with New Software Defined Storage Products

It is evident today that data is the currency of business. Good data storage and management is the skill of enhancing the growth of a business. Most business leaders today are seeking an efficient and cost-effective way of handling the voluminous data. Traditional data storage systems are set in a manner that is complex. Enterprises are finding it hard to manage data using the traditional systems as the amount of data increases as well as its speed. However, the new software-defined storage system (SDS) is revolutionizing operations as far as data management is concerned.

How SDS is different from the tradition system.

• Flexibility – one of the ways that the SDS outdoes the traditional storage systems by being flexible. The traditional storage systems lack adaptability and are complex. These two features make them less efficient thereby increasing the total cost of ownership (TCO). On the other hand, SDS is changing the storage architecture by creating an application-centric and data-rich system. Furthermore, the SDS is not siloed like the traditional enterprise storage systems.

• Cloud infrastructure – OSNEXUS is one of the companies that develop a software-defined infrastructure in the market. The software-defined structure makes use of the cloud technology, which enables it to become efficient, as the data storage is made easy. To buy an SDS product from the company the buyer needs to click site page and make an order.

• Reduced costs – Another feature that the SDS is using to outpace the Traditional System is the overall production costs. Since the traditional system is siloed and complex data storage becomes hard and expensive. On the other hand, the SDS is set in a manner that makes use of the cloud-based storage technology, therefore, cutting on the costs. For instance, an organization does not require to invest heavily in hardware components.

• The Software & Information Industry Association, which is leading trade association for the software and digital content companies is determined to provide ample security for those organizations that will decide to go the digital way. With such an association the SDS becomes even more secure and trustworthy than the traditional Storage Systems. Furthermore, the association promotes the products of the members for free.

The Software Defined Storage System is an ideal method that an organization can use to handle data effectively. It is hard to manage the current tons of data using the traditional storage systems. The traditional system cannot handle the petabytes and terabytes of data currently on the internet. Organizations should buy the SDS products as their storage system is cloud-based hence it is easy to handle data easily.

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