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550+ Cities Honor Valuable Volunteers on Extra Mile Day

550+ Cities Honor Valuable Volunteers on Extra Mile Day

Mayors Across America Celebrate Impact of Extra Mile Volunteers in Local Communities.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – October 23, 2017 – Mayors from over 550 U.S. cities are expected to declare November 1, 2017, as Extra Mile Day – a day to acknowledge the individuals and organizations that are dedicated to “go the extra mile” in service and volunteerism in order to create positive change in their local communities.

In connection with Extra Mile America, mayors in all 50 states have embraced the “go the extra mile” movement. At a time when demands in local services continuously don’t match budgets, Extra Mile Day celebrates the individuals and organizations that step in and make things happen. The vision of motivational author Shawn Anderson, “Extra Mile Day” was created in 2009 with 23 inaugural cities; its outreach continues to grow.

Mayor Julia Spelsberg of Weston, West Virginia, is one of the mayors clapping for her local volunteers. “Like many small towns, Weston has faced some substantial financial challenges. Fortunately, we have an army of wonderful volunteers who have truly made a difference in our town…from creating playgrounds to keeping flowers on Main Avenue…this is one of the ways we will succeed.”

One mayor who believes that the “go the extra mile” message defines the spirit in his town is Mayor Rick Taggart of Grand Junction, Colorado. Taggart shares, “Going the extra mile is the fundamental basis of the American spirit. It is the motivator that drives us to do our best, to be our strongest, and to come together to create amazing things.” Taggert continues. “In Grand Junction, there are so many people who go the extra mile in all that they do. It defines the very spirit of our great community, and it is what makes me proud to serve as Mayor.”

“Going the extra mile and helping create change is so much better than just complaining. Extra Mile Day is an awesome reminder that each of us has the power to create change the moment we decide to do something in an area in which we care.” shares Anderson, the author of Extra Mile America: Stories of Inspiration, Possibility and Purpose. “It could be volunteering at the local animal shelter, mowing your neighbor’s lawn, or simply telling the grocery clerk ‘thank you for your service.’ You can go the extra mile in a thousand different ways.”

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