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Genos Studios launches Kickstarter campaign to fund historical game

Genos Studios launches Kickstarter campaign to fund historical game

Rise of the Foederati tells the story of Europe’s 5th century

Miami, FL: Today, Genos Studios, a gaming development company specialized in giving new gamers a taste of the 90’s, announced the creation of a crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming title, Rise of the Foederati.  Already approved in Steam’s indie platform, Greenlight, the historical game takes players back to 454 AD, one year after the death of the infamous Attila, the Hun, where they must fight each other in a huge Risk-like game of conquest, taking control of a small squad of warriors in turn-based fights. Mixed with lots of RPG mechanics, such as stats, skill trees, abilities which are trained for each unit which must be levelled to fully developed, and also strategy mechanics, such as the quintessential rock-paper-scissors archers-infantry-cavalry, Genos Studios is betting on a game that captures much of the history of the Migration Period in a bold new mashup of concepts.

Following a future participation in Brasil Game Show, latin america’s largest gaming fair, Genos Studios CEO Alan Beling said, “We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, but simply pick concepts of games that worked in the past and add up with modernities that people are familiar with. The reception so far for our game demo has been very positive, with people praising the complexity of our combat system and our fidelity to the soldiers’ equipment, names and recreation of the fifteen old, extinct languages.”

To succeed in capturing people’s attention to the huge amount of historical content in their product, Genos Studios planned a three-module game phases:

  • First module involves players picking their tribe and fighting amongst each other, in a battle-royale like system where the tribe with the most wins gets declared the winner.
  • Second module involves map awareness, where people must fight in contested regions in Europe and conquer territories by winning more than they lose in those places. If the wins outpaces the losses, the winning tribe gradually gains influence and eventually captures the territory.
  • Third and last module involves real-time map movement with real-life distances, in a 5-1 Game/RL time ratio (20-day trips become 4-day long).

About Genos Studios LLC.: Genos Studios is a gaming development company based in Miami, FL. Founded in 2015, it is currently working on its launching title, Rise of the Foederati, a historically accurate game based on the European Migration Period.


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