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Telling you main functions of the GPS locator from

Telling you main functions of the GPS locator from

Today, the famous GPS car tracker will tell you the main function of their new published GPS locating devices.

Searching on the map

By the help of GPS Vehicle Tracker from HK TenHope Industrial Co., Limited, people can search for any destinations they want to reach by this device.

People could also record the information of the destination that they want to go and share this information with other people. On the other hand, this device could fuzzy query the places such as gas stations, hotels, ATM machines and other information around their location.

Route Planning

The gps car Tracker from could automatically plan a route according to your starting point and destination. This should be very useful function for those people who want to go to other place for traveling.

Voice navigation

This device also provide the voice function which could advanced tell people the information such as intersection turning, navigation system status and other traffic information. This device just likes the intimated guide which understands how you could get to your destination by driving the car. This is the most important function of this device and it could help people reach to their destination without seeing the the operation of the terminal device.

Screen navigation

On the operation terminal, people could see the related map, the position of the car, driving speed, distance to the destination, route planning tips, intersection turning indicating and other traffic information.

If people want to know other related information about the GPS Tracker from, please do not hesitate to visit their official website.

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