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Abraham Enterprise Releases Info On Why Webinars Convert Better Than Sales Videos

Abraham Enterprise Releases Info On Why Webinars Convert Better Than Sales Videos

Everyone likes to learn, but nobody likes to be taught. This is an axiom coming truer every day, having peaked now during our age of information overload.

Nobody Likes To Be Told – The difference is demonstrated by taking a look at sales videos versus webinars. Sales videos are basically commercials trying to tell us what we need or want. We are being bombarded with such videos any time we switch on a TV set, watch a YouTube video or innocently follow link-bait. By visiting the site of Webinar Fusion Pro may give one a better understanding of the IM product.

Our minds have become over-saturated with commercials and it would seem our bladders have now evolved to activate during commercial breaks in order to avoid having to listen to yet another sales pitch. One may find the page of Webinar Fusion Pro to be very useful when it comes to looking for a good review.

Thus when faced with online sales videos there is a click-inhibition in viewers which can reduce conversion rates — and if you can’t turn traffic into buyers, what is the point? To counter this, advertisers have focused on more humor and storytelling in commercials, but this doesn’t alter the fact that they are still sales videos: they are still trying forcibly to teach us something. It’s not a bad idea to visit the page of Funnel Trax before making a final call.

Everyone Wants To Learn – This is where the first part of the axim comes back in. While we don’t like to be taught, we do like to learn. Webinars are the middle-ground between sales videos and documentaries or instructional videos. They are presentations or workshops, basically putting the ‘inar’ from seminar in webinar. By visiting the page of Funnel Trax one can get better understanding of the product.

Different than webcasts (one way transmissions) webinars are interactive, offering clients a chance to learn about a product or service without feeling bombarded by advertising. If handled right the webinar doesn’t even have to feel like a sales pitch, although it may be one.

Better Conversion – A webinar offers a chance to instruct and teach without overwhelming your audience by showing them why they can buy a certain product as opposed to telling them that they have to. Thus its conversion rate becomes a lot higher than an ordinary sales pitch video, as webinars fuel the desire to buy. the page of has some useful info on the software.

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