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Coaching Tsunami Creates Disadvantage for Competition

Coaching Tsunami Creates Disadvantage for Competition

Since Dustin Vice first started working with people, the personal development field has exploded. The coaching industry itself is a gigantic market. Nowadays, everything has radically changed. There are so many options for people. How do you stand out?

Coaching is so popular because, when the coach is skilled, the process works. And it makes a big difference to people’s lives. If you’ve trained with good people and you’ve worked hard at your craft.

Dustin Vice began his professional career in the world of finance. An underdog from the beginning with no college degree, or formal training, Dustin’s success came about from his own unique ability to connect with people, and to discover the most successful strategies from the smartest people in his industry. In this high paced, high stakes world, Dustin learned three of the most useful things that he brings to Coaches today: first, how to make money through masterfully selling and influencing others to create powerful and lasting change; second, how to organize and manage a professional practice; and third, how to be a successful entrepreneur and work less hours a week than most have in their life. While working in finance, Dustin found he was asked to coach and mentor others, both professionally and personally. His success as a Coach and mentor, and the deep fulfillment he got out of helping others to optimize themselves and their lives, led Dustin to begin coaching full time. 

As his practice thrived, other Coaches, many of whom had been in the field for years, were drawn to Dustin, in dire need of his professional help. For example, the first Coach that hired Dustin to mentor her tripled her income within the first year of working with him. From this success other Coaches came and also Succeeded. Dustin founded the Alliance Coaching System (ACS) to teach both the fundamentals of coaching and business. Today, he and his team of Ambassador Coaches from ACS are helping others to in the coaching industry to catapult their new and existing practices to supreme levels of success and to become wealthy. As a Licensed Master Practitioner and Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Dustin continues to work as a trainer under Dr. Richard Bandler, the Co-creator of NLP, in events all over the world, and applies this highly effective technology to the business of coaching and selling.

Vice says, “This is book is a how to guide to building a successful professional coaching practice. Within it are the foundational steps of how to: Coach clients and organizations. How to build your business through marketing, selling, and to create a practice from the inside that grows through a natural momentum. Finally, once a strong momentum is created, how to expand your practice even more to create financial and emotional freedom as true wealth for yourself and others.” 

The book will officially launch on March 10 at

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