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BizXpert Offers New Website, App Updates, Small Business Solutions

BizXpert Offers New Website, App Updates, Small Business Solutions

The small business solutions app BizXpert is back with a new website and several noteworthy new features.

Since its launch, the BizXpert app has routinely been heralded for its expansive set of small business solutions—but that hasn’t stopped its developers from fine-tuning it, adding robust new features and streamlining its user interface all the time. Now, BizXpert is pleased to announce a string of new app updates, as well as an informative, user-friendly website, available at

BizXpert is the brainchild of Tibor Kulcsar, affectionately known as the Software King of Hungary. In his home country Kulcsar is regularly likened to Bill Gates, and if his celebrity is less pronounced in the United States, the innovation of his apps is uncontested. BizXpert is among his most significant and widely-used offerings, a program that allows small business owners to create, print, and send new invoices, all within mere seconds. In addition, the BizXpert app allows for diverse features in invoice management, appointment booking, inventory management, and more.

“The goal is to provide an all-in-one invoicing solutions center for small business owners,” notes Kulcsar. “The hope is that being able to invoice so rapidly will free their time to focus on the other core competencies of their business.”

The app is available for free in the Windows Store, and is compatible with all Windows 8 devices. Those who download it now will have immediate access to the new BizXpert features, including printable sales, expense, and inventory reports; printable product, service, and client lists; the capability to export reports into Excel; and more.

As for the new website, basic information about BizXpert is now available at The site offers a full list of the app’s features, as well as easy download links. “We wanted to design a site that was sleek, intuitive, and pragmatic—mimicking the aesthetic of the app itself,” Kulcsar comments.

The developer concludes, “Our aim with BizXpert is for continuous improvement; we hope that the app and the site alike will be highly beneficial for small business owners.”


BizXpert is an all-inclusive invoicing app, making it easy for small business owners to create and send new invoices in a matter of seconds. The app provides a full array of invoice management tools, reports, and even appointment setting and inventory management features. Available for a free download in the Windows store, BizXpert is compatible with all Windows 8 devices. BizXpert was developed by Tibor Kulcsar, the Hungarian Software King.

More information is available at

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