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FlipHTML5 Digital Publishing Platform Offers Free eBook Publishing Solution for Online Bookstores

FlipHTML5 Digital Publishing Platform Offers Free eBook Publishing Solution for Online Bookstores

FlipHTML5 digital publishing platform
FlipHTML5 today announces a free version of its digital publishing service for online publishers worldwide. Anyone can now go to their website and have an amazing experience.

Today’s self-publishers and online booksellers have a unique advantage over their predecessors. The inability of publishing houses to produce books at the rate that consumers desire them and the rise in digital publishing allows for the ambitious writer or publisher to compete for the same target audiences of a Random House or Simon and Schuster. It is companies like FlipHTML5 with their digital publishing platform who are making it a very real possibility for the online bookseller to showcase his work with the same level of quality and appearance of those eBooks being produced by major houses.

This technology has made the process of creating a book and an online store as simple as creating a Tumblr blog or Facebook page. The author turns his book into a PDF file and then drags and drops the file onto the webpage and within minutes the tool has guided him or her into creating an electronic flip book of the type bought from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  The software even allows the author or bookseller to create an attractive online “bookshelf” where the covers and be displayed in a realistic manner.

“We are so proud of our technology. It’s easy to use and produces an amazing looking product,” Anna Lee, the designer of FlipHTML5 tells us. “But what we’re all really happy about is that we can take this same technology that large clients of ours like IBM, Dell, and Pfizer use to product books in house and translate it into a product that the home author or small bookseller can also use cheaply and affordably.” FlipHTML5 today offers a free version of the software so that people have an opportunity to use the product and fall in love with it.

“The free version is perfect for the new author who wants to produce a version of his book that looks as great as something produced by Random House or even the small online book seller,” says Lee. “We have several packages after that beginning at fifteen dollars a month that the online book store may choose if the owner is looking to sell more than a certain amount of books in his shop.” The packages are all affordable. Nothing they offer currently is out of the range of even the smallest business owner, and considering what one gets with the packages it is probably the easiest and cheapest way to break into the small publishing and bookselling business.

FlipHTML5 is the perfect digital publishing platform for authors and booksellers. More details can be found at

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