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Plant Cell Fusion Releases Results of Grape (Vineyard) & Citrus Grove Field Trials

Plant Cell Fusion Releases Results of Grape (Vineyard) & Citrus Grove Field Trials

Plant Cell Fusion
Plant Cell Fusion (PCF), a plant nutrient/growth booster distributed by DMR Trading Corp., has released test results from recent Vineyard (Grape) and Citrus Grove field trials. The results demonstrate the significant impact PCF has on alleviating nutrient deficiencies in both of these crops.

DMR Trading Corp. has released test results from recent field trials conducted on Vineyards (Grapes) and Citrus Groves. These test results confirm that PCF aids in plant recovery and nutrient stabilization. It significantly boosted the growth and development of both crops. Overall plant vigor was vastly improved; crops were more resistant to temperature and moisture extremes and fruit dropping decreased.

Dan Rollins from DMR Trading Corp. stated, “We are very pleased with the results from both crop trials. The findings speak for themselves; PCF is highly effective in improving overall plant health and soil conditions. These two factors play a direct role in boosting growth and accelerating nutrient uptake. Growers can expect a higher yield and reduced crop loss normally caused by disease, insect, and weather damage.  Ultimately, success for this product will be measured by how it affects our customers’ bottom line; it must increase their profitability. We are confident that PCF will deliver in this regard.”

According to sources, PCF was tested on several varieties of vineyard grapes, which include:  Kyoho, Alexandria, Beni-Ballade, and Campbell. Prior to testing, the vineyards were inspected to baseline the health of trial plants. This inspection revealed that a significant percentage of the vines were fragile and had increased proclivity to uprooting.  After trial completion, the grape plants exhibited signs of improved health. Some of the resulting benefits include improved vigor, stronger roots, greener leaves, thicker vines, longer flower stalks, consistent, vibrant color, and greatly improved taste via higher Brix level.  A grower participating in this trial commented, “I am very pleased with the results and plan on continuing use of PCF.  I feel it will set my crop apart from my competitors and net more [dollars] per bushel.”

A similar test was conducted on a group of young citrus trees in an orchard in Vero Beach, FL. Initial examination of the trees showed that most had yellowing leaves and were not growing due to nutrient deficiencies caused by HLB (greening disease). PCF was applied a total of four times over a one month span. After trial completion, the trees were reexamined to assess overall health. Test results revealed that the trees were showing definitive evidence of improvement. The leaves were returning to a healthy, green color and the veins were plump and defined. In addition, new growth could be observed on most branches and overall condition was vastly improved.  Dan Rollins added, “In an unrelated test conducted on golf course turf, PCF was shown to highly accelerate root growth and development. In this Citrus trial, we believe root regeneration was the primary reason the trees showed improvement.  Without healthy root systems, trees will not grow and in many cases will die depending on the advancement of HLB disease. Recovery for these trees must start with restoring normal nutrient uptake.”

Plant Cell Fusion (PCF) is a liquid type, naturally derived high yield plant nutrient containing 19 essential amino acids. In crop trials, PCF has been shown to provide a multitude of benefits to plants and soil conditions. This product has recently been granted final licensing and approval from both the USDA and Florida Department of Agriculture. It will be available as 20ml bags, 500ml bottles, 1 liter bottles, and 10 liter bottles starting March this year.

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