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Separated by geographical distance yet connected by her love and compassion for her Fiancé, Cherrybelle Wong from Vienna, Austria wants to help her fiancé Benjie who is currently in Taipei, Taiwan to raise money to pay for the steep expenses incurred due to a major operation on Benjie’s spine which happened in 2012, travel and checkup expenses in Austria. He had spinal compression from T10 to T12 leading to numbness from his waist to his lower extremities. The cost of the surgery, therapies and medicines has had a great impact on Benjie and his parent’s life that have supported him through this hard phase in life.

Cherry has also been trying to support her fiancé, for this purpose she has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $40,000 before June 22, 2015, the money raised will help Benjie and his parents pay back loans, money that was spent on his operation, medication, therapy and also raise some funds for his medical and travel expenses to Austria. Cherry is a Filipino Chinese in Vienna, Austria working as a nurse and raising her 14 year old son. Cherry and Benjie have known each other since they were children.

“We used to see each other almost every week. He was always full of energy, down to earth, and always had a sense of urgency to help others,” said Cherry, she added: “Through our years of growing up, we went our separate ways and had our own share of obstacles, problems, and other spices of life.”

Despite the tough state of affairs, Benjie has managed to stay optimistic about his life and about his outlook for the future that the couple will have together. His friends and family know him as a kind friend, supportive lover and a father to his 6 year old daughter (from his ex-girlfriend), currently living with her mom; cherry explains: “His parents love him so much and are trying to help him in any way they can. His mom has even 2 jobs and his dad waking up in the wee hours just to bake bread to sell. They are trying to make ends meet and it saddens me to see this.”

Cherry and Benjie are looking towards the generosity and kindness of people with compassion to help them medical fund raise $40,000 to cover the cost of checkup expenses, travel expenses and to pay back the loans.

To donate please visit:, the campaign can also be supported by spreading the word and asking others to contribute toward the cause.

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Cherry is a Filipino Chinese in Vienna, Austria working as a nurse and raising her 14 year old son.

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