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Atlanta, GA – March 16th, 2015. The North American Institute of Technology “NAIT” reports that an estimated 57 million Americans may have been medically misdiagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme’s Disease, Arthritis, Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sarcoidosis, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Depression, Anxiety, or multiple inflammatory conditions.

Think twice, if a person was diagnosed with any of the above, they may be the victims of common misdiagnosis. Most physicians treat the symptoms that walk into their offices and totally fail to discover why the symptoms occurred, or what in fact caused those symptoms. Known as getting to the root of the problem, more physicians now are forced to take less time with patients in an effort to combat declining health insurance payments. Resulting in quickly seeing patients and throwing them into a category of illness that may or may not be the correct diagnosis. So the failure of getting to the root of the problem has become the problem for millions of Americans across the country and has led to the common misdiagnosis of chronic illness.

NAIT has cited that exposure to environmental impacts to the human body has been over looked by the medical community for decades. Exposure to mold, mold toxins, mycotoxins environmental bacteria and endotoxins were once known as “Sick Building Syndrome”, or mystery illnesses. These exposures are documented to cause a plethora of symptoms and diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, inflammation, hair loss, skin rashes lesions, short term memory loss, nervous system dysfunction, blurred vision, pain in the muscle and joints, kidney failure, liver failure, Cancer and even death in human beings when left untreated.

According to Raymond Singer Ph.D., the leading Neurotoxicologist and Neurophysiologist in the U.S, the toxins produced in indoor water damaged buildings have the ability to damage the brain and nervous system to the point of total disability. Most of the time people understand that they have been working, living, or going to school in a building with water leaks, maybe even mold infestation, but seldom link their poor health conditions to the toxins produced in these environments, resulting in years of misery, declining health, misdiagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Singer further stated, that few laboratories have the ability to test for these environmental toxins, American Medical Laboratories and BioTrek Laboratories Corporation in Atlanta, GA have developed  and have patent pending for the absolute Gold Standards for the M7 Mycotoxin Test, Endotoxin Testing and (1—->3) β – D beta glucan Tests. They are the only two laboratories in the nation that  are providing complete environmental toxin testing panels that can pinpoint these environmental toxins in the human body and that more medical laboratories need to follow suite. Dr. Singer continued to state that mainstream medicine needs to gather a greater understanding of these environmental toxins and the severe damage they cause to the human body, brain and nervous system. These toxins are complex and are only understood by a handful of medical professionals across the country, many of which are charging outrageous fees for mold detoxification, and are still using archaic detox methods like Cholestyramine and activated charcoal. Those methods have been proven ineffective, providing little to no real patient benefit, or have the ability to remove mycotoxins or endotoxins from the human body.

One medical center that has crushed the mold exposure stigma, paving the way in pioneering mold exposure, mycotoxin poisoning and endotoxin detoxification is the National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease (NTCED) located in Atlanta GA. This is the largest facility of its kind in the United States and is unique in the aspect that it specializes in only environmental impacts to the human body, i.e. mold exposure and other environmental poisonings. Their FREE BOOK “Mold Defeated Lives Restored”, depicts the struggle of Americans suffering for years with the wrong medications and diagnoses. This center specializes in the medical treatment for mold exposure detoxification, mycotoxicosis, endotoxemia, heavy metals poisoning, Lyme’s Disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The NTCED is taking a new approach to environmental disease and patient health as they utilize multiple philosophies in healthcare such as Naturopathic, Homeopathic physicians and remedies, Doctors of Oriental Medicine, acupuncture, medicupping, modalities, therapies, alongside standard Medical Doctors and prescription medication. The NTCED reports that the majority of their patients suffering from environmental exposures have been the victims of common misdiagnosis and that more than 57 million Americans may have suffered for years from misdiagnosis and incorrect treatments.  The NTCED reports once patients receive the correct medical testing, diagnosis and treatment, many of their mystery illness, become just that, and mysteriously disappear, or have been cited as gone into remission.

When diagnosed with a syndrome or illness one should think twice about what may have caused their condition and look to their environment. The root cause of the problem should be understood prior to medical treatment, as almost every illness is caused by an environmental impact, via bacteria, virus, mold, microbials, biological toxins, or manmade chemicals.

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