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Benjamin Pure: Chimneys Are Beautiful; But They Need Cleaning Too

Benjamin Pure: Chimneys Are Beautiful; But They Need Cleaning Too

Chimneys add charm to a house structure. However, they need cleaning too. Sounds a daunting task? Worry not. You can hire chimney sweeping services. You can easily find them on the internet, suggests Ben Pure, one of the leading service providers of America.

Chimney sweep

Sweeping of chimney involves the removal of condensed smoke residue, which is called creosote. If this residue is not removed, the chimney may catch fire. The sweeping process also includes checking the chimney for damage, cracks, or missing mortar.

Chimney sweeping experts also clean a classic open fireplace. The experts use tarps to cover floor and hearth around the fireplace. To control dust they use a high power vacuum. When chimneys are lower than 35 feet height the cleaners clean from bottom to top.

“According to fire safety officials, you must clean your chimneys annually or after you burn each cord of wood to prevent fire. Carelessness or procrastination in this regard can be dangerous for the safety of the house and you,” warns Ben Pure.

Chimney inspection

As per the Chimney Safety Institute of America, chimney inspections are categorized into Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

• Level 1 inspection is for chimneys under continuous service.
• Level 2 is an in-depth inspection for chimneys undergo changes such as relining, altering shape, fuel shape, and others. It is also needed after seismic events.
• Level 3 comes when Level 1 or Level 2 inspection detect a hidden hazard in chimneys. The third level addresses the problem and suggests proper construction and checks condition of repaired parts or concealed portions of the chimney.

“Only experts can tell you what level of inspection your chimney needs. Uncleaned, clogged chimneys don’t die a slow death; they kill… with fire. So, beware. Hire licensed chimney sweeping services and maintain safety of your house,” says Benjamin Pure.

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