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JEE Mains and Advanced Coaching in Malaysia and Singapore

JEE Mains and Advanced Coaching in Malaysia and Singapore

JEE Mains and Advanced coaching in Singapore and Malaysia
Kshitij Education India advances further to Malaysia & Singapore for its Live Coaching Classes for the Indian Students

Malaysia & Singapore is home to one of the largest populations of Overseas Indian constituting about 8% of the Malaysian population and 9.2% of Singapore population notable for its class stratification, with large elite and lower income groups. The Malaysian Indians also make up a disproportionately large percentage of the Malaysian professional workforce per capita, constitute 15.5 percent of Malaysian professionals. This includes doctors (28.4%), lawyers (26.8%), dentists (21%), veterinary surgeons (28.5%), engineers (6.4%), accountants (5.8%), surveyors (3.0%) and architects (1.5%). 

Kshitij is committed to help students of Malaysia & Singapore by engaging in its effort to crack JEE, which is a very prestigious examination by providing all the relevant development and changes happening in the education field. Human Resources Ministry which is a very robust & integral part in Govt. Of India has increased the seat in IIT and also announced 5 new Institution of IIT’s to be opened and upgrading quite a few regional colleges to this category. This gives further opportunity & ensures a friendlier admission process to the student coming from abroad. A golden opportunity indeed waits to be grabbed in the form of services offered by Kshitij Education India to all the serious students leaving outside to take all the tips and mantra for success.

Kshitij Education India which is the only Institute so far across the globe which offers On Line LIVE coaching classes for the preparation of IIT JEE, regarded as one of the best exams conducted only in India but can be taken by any Indian individual residing at any part of the world. 

Cracking JEE requires lot of consistency and focus all through its preparation which ideally is 2 years but Kshitij provides its foundation building process right from Std. 7th covering the boards and it helps a long way for the candidate in the base formation as the pattern does not remain the same. Some 13 lac students appeared in last year’s examination.  It becomes the utmost priority & responsibility of Kshitij Education to impart all the skilful training and access to resources to clear this prestigious exam,” explains Ms. Pallavi Choudhery, a major faculty member in Kshitij Education. 

“This is one major factor which acts as a catalyst and distinguishes us from any other across the world. We are the pioneer and the only one so far,” explains the Strategy Head, Mr. Saswata Das. This divides in 3 levels covering the boards and the syllabus of IIT JEE. It ensures that every chapters & topics are covered strategically in detail so that serious aspirants are not deprived to taste the success of IIT and great future thereafter. This has become very popular wherever Kshitij has expanded its wing, now almost in 10 countries.  

There are smaller Batches facilitating Higher Teacher – Student ratio. IITians form 78% of the Kshitij Education India Faculty Members. Kshitij provides facility of Video Recordings of the lectures in classes for reference and revision. Free Study Material & Past year solution of JEE papers adds wonderful supplement for students aspiring to compete JEE Mains. Faculties at Kshitij work 24×7 to further enhance the quality. Kshitij has provisioned for taking Online Test series by covering up a feature of 10,000 pages study resources and 5000 threads of IIT discussion topics in its JEE Mains and Advanced discussion Forum. This also fulfils Kshitij’s agenda of being an Organization totally dedicated for the service of society by its continuous effort to contribute to the Indian Education System.

“With Kshitij Education India a student can be assured of quality and the overall development especially in the career domain as that is the basis of our core foundation. We already have our presence in few major schools across Malaysia & Singapore and their students are enjoying On Line LIVE classes with us,” said Mr. Yash Vardhan, Country Head at Kshitij Education.

This Institute has aggressively launched its unique programme for the Indian students here. Kshitij has a unique On Line Live Classes programme which offers a custom made curriculum called IITans @ Home being piloted by the best brains from India. A student need not travel long distance just to take their board & JEE coaching. They now can take it straight out of their study room with support from the best faculty around, as Kshitij has them all from IITs & NIITs which brings about uniformity & consistency in the teaching pattern.


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