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An Online Render Farm – The Working Process

An Online Render Farm – The Working Process

When it comes to rendering a project, a variety of rendering software options are available in the market. In comparison to all the other means of rendering, an online render farm service seems to be the most reliable, cost effective and fastest option available.

Here is a discussion on how an online render farm works.

Sending Your Project To The Farm

There are a number of ways through which an initial project can be sent to a rendering farm. Here are three of the most common ways through which “sending a project” is carried out.


This is one of the easiest ways to upload a file on the online render farm. It is as simple as uploading pictures or files on a social network or an email. However, users should keep in mind that the files cannot be uploaded in an archived form on the cloud. Pre processing the files so that they include all the textures and external libraries is highly advisable.

Plug In

The plug in option is comparatively simple. A farm usually has the required plug ins for uploading a 3D software, allowing users to upload data directly on to it. Moreover, a number of online farms begin rendering as soon as the upload is complete.

File Transfer Protocol

Usually, servers based online or on the cloud provide users an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server address and port in the specification criterion of each farm. This document specifies the type of file formats that are acceptable for uploading and rendering and usually come with instructions on structuring the project into separate folders.

Receiving the Rendered Files

Receiving the rendered files is an inverse of uploading files. The final, rendered product is downloaded through a website, plug in or through FTP. Depending on the server, the download details and specifications will be explained by the online support team.

Securing Your Data

No matter how good the final product is, users need to be sure about the security of the data involved. Before finalizing an online render farm, make sure that you go through the privacy policy;  collaborative farms tend to share data. If the render farm price is low or if the rendering process is free, then it is highly likely that your final data will be made public.

When it comes to hiring an online cloud rendering company, Rayvision is a trustworthy option. Shenzhen Rayvision Inc. is an Internet technology company that specializes in researching cluster rendering, parallel computing technology and provides computing services for cloud rendering and blender rendering farm.


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