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Black Metal Redefined by New Nevaloth Album The Antagonist

Black Metal Redefined by New Nevaloth Album The Antagonist

Nevaloth is one of the rising stars on European black metal scene. Fresh young blood with innovative ideas and original approach is a promise of breathtaking black metal experience and their latest album, The Antagonist, has lived up to its promises.

Nevaloth is a black metal band from Zvolen, Slovakia, formed in July 2008. In the past, Nevaloth focused on more straightforward black metal, which mostly consisted of cover songs, including early era of Norwegian black metal bands like Mayhem and Dimmu Borgir.

In December 2009 and February 2010, Nevaloth entered the studio and recorded their first full-length black metal record named “La Diabolica Commedia”, which was released later that year in May by Sonic Temple Records. La Diabolica Commedia was a successful debut, but after its release Nevaloth decided to leave the waters of a straightforward black metal and decided to try a bit different approach.

Their latest album, The Antagonist, was released in 2014, and it has catapulted Nevaloth amongst the best black metal bands in central Europe. Their latest masterpiece has been receiving positive reviews from all over the world, mainly because of its original and innovative approach.

Nevaloth has redefined the idea of black metal with progressive, avant-garde and psychedelic elements and created a one of a kind, unique masterpiece. The band created their own unique style, which has never been heard before. Omnipotent, multidimensional and diverse atmosphere is a delight for every black metal lover out there. And there’s definitely more to be expected from Nevaloth in the future.

“It’s complex, but it’s a brilliantly conceived album. The musicianship is sublime. This is not darkness for the sake of it. With its soundscapes and majestic structures, it’s an extreme album of epic proportions.” – Avenoctum

“The Antagonist is an amazing album, which goes far beyond traditional black metal. Perfect in every way. Definitely recommended.” – Critic Music

“The band creates an amazing amalgam of sounds by combining 2nd wave black metal with technical death metal influences, with 70s progressive and psychedelic rock influences, with symphonic black metal influences, or even 90s hard rock music.” – Metal Archives

“There are so many levels to the music, so many little things of musical excellence to find. And yet, the balance is there, between an intelligent creation and madness, The Antagonist is both schizophrenic and beautiful.” – Diaboli Vocem

“Utter masterpiece of organized chaos transliterated into music.” – Metal Archives

Listen to the album for free on Bandcamp – Nevaloth.Bandcamp.Com

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