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Three Day Rapid Drug Detox Helps Opiate Addicted Patients In One Treatment

Three Day Rapid Drug Detox Helps Opiate Addicted Patients In One Treatment

Our rapid heroin detox procedure is based on a Naltrexone therapy that ensures the body is truly freed from the addiction to heroin and opiates. Naltrexone therapy does not use opiates, so you won’t be replacing one addiction for another. Instead, Naltrexone introduces opiate blockers that cover opiate receptors in the body, which help reduce cravings.
Rapid drug detox is a safe, clinically proven and advanced addiction treatment that quickly and rapidly cleans the body and removes ALL opiates from your brain’s receptors. This is performed at MDS rapid drug detox center while under carefully monitored sedation and doctor’s care through the entire rapid drug detox procedure, so that all your cravings and withdraws are eliminated.

Heroin, Methadone, and Morphine are all painful addictions, both emotionally and physically. With the constant threat of overdose, many detox users try multiple times to detox without success. Michigan-based Rapid Drug Detox center, MDS Drug Detox provides rapid withdrawal programs to those who have found traditional detox methods unsuccessful.

“Having my clean and sober happy life back with one treatment is as they say, ‘priceless,’” said one patient of the MDS Rapid Heroin Detox program.

MDS’s Rapid Detox programs provide an opiate-free way to detox while the patient is under anesthesia.  The unique therapies provide patients with a safe way to be remised of withdrawal symptoms in three to four days using MDS’s individualized and perfected rapid detox techniques. MDS is the nation’s only doctor-founded rapid opiate detox center where procedures are done under Anesthesiologist-monitored sedation.

The alternative to heroin for many patients is a prescription of the inexpensive drug Methadone. Methadone treatment replaces dependence on one opioid to dependence on another and, while the physical withdrawal symptoms of heroin can last up to several weeks, withdrawing from Methadone has symptoms than can last up to several months. Like Methadone, heroin was originally introduced as a safe alternative for addicts of morphine.  As regularly portrayed in television and the movies, the withdrawal symptoms of heroin are severe.  The physical effects are enough to relapse many patients.

A MDS patient who was addicted to heroin and Suboxone said, “By my fourth and fifth day I started getting my strength and energy back. I was able to work on Day 5. Why suffer for weeks when you only have to go through mild symptoms for about 1 week?”

MDS’s Naltrexone therapy does not use opiates, but instead introduces opiate blockers that cover opiate receptors in the body, helping reduce cravings. Drug overdose death rates in America have increased roughly trifold since 1990, according to the Center for Disease Control. Cessation of withdrawal symptoms is a safe way to skip the pain of withdrawal while giving the patient a “second chance” at a drug-free life.

“MDS staff saved my daughter’s life and gave me my little girl back,” the mother of a Heroin addict from New York wrote. “We attribute her sobriety to MDS!”

The cost of the MDS Rapid Opiate Detox therapy procedure includes medical consultation, prescreening, blood work, EKG, constant monitoring while under sedation, aftercare from a board-certified medical doctor and a three-night stay in a hotel for the patient and their companion.

Both behavioral therapy and medication treatments are effective at helping patients stop using heroin and return to stable and productive lives. However, according to the National Institute on drug abuse, 40-60% of patients in traditional detox programs relapse shortly after completing therapy. MDS Drug Detox offers a unique, individualized protocol therapy and has a nearly 100% success rate of their rapid drug detox programs.

About MDS Drug Detox:

MDS Drug Detox is located just outside Detroit in Southfield, MI. They have designed and built their new rapid drug detox center to the highest standards of modern medicine, safety, and confidentiality. It is fully equipped and staffed for the utmost in medical care during the rapid detox treatment, and Dr. Joseph George and Dr. Julia Aharonov carefully monitor patients in their surgical facility while detoxing all opiates under sedation to avoid cravings and withdrawals.



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