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Kuester Management Group Urges Strong Connections Between HOA Board & Homeowners

Kuester Management Group Urges Strong Connections Between HOA Board & Homeowners

Kuester Management Group shares some tips on facilitating strong relationships between the HOA Board and homeowners.

In an ideal world, the HOA Board works diligently to preserve property values and advance the best interests of the community; homeowners, in turn, support the Board and celebrate its achievements. As anyone who has ever lived in an HOA community can attest, it does not always work out this way, and too often HOA communities are characterized by a sense of disconnect between homeowners and the Board. In a new statement to the press, Kuester Management Group reveals some possible reasons for these disconnects—and some possible solutions.

“Often, the HOA Board fails to prioritize clear communication,” comments Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “Sometimes instead of offering a transparent summary of the rules and regulations, the Board jumps straight to fines and violation notices, and that can quickly cause relations to become strained.”

There are other ways in which miscommunication can cause Board and homeowner relations to fray. Often, the Board is lax in communicating details about upcoming meetings. “Homeowners want to feel like they are being represented and that their voices are being heard,” Kuester remarks. “It is important to invite homeowners to meetings and to give them plenty of advance notice—even if you frankly don’t think many will attend.”

Some homeowners become frustrated with a Board that feels ineffectual. The solution for this, Kuester says, is to publicize the achievements of the Board. “Use your newsletter and social media to let people know what the Board has accomplished, and what big projects you are working on,” Kuester suggests.

Communication is ever the key. “The HOA Board needs to come across as genuinely interested in representing homeowners, and in keeping the lines of communication open,” Kuester concludes.

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