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Crystal Stranger Releases yet another Financial Investment Book, Pro Choice: A Financial Guide for Women

Crystal Stranger Releases yet another Financial Investment Book, Pro Choice: A Financial Guide for Women

March 23, 2015 – President of 1st Tax Inc. and author of The Small Business Tax Guide, Crystal Stranger, launched her second book Pro Choice: A Financial Guide for Women. The 224 paged book published by Clear Advantage LLC that teaches its readers how to make it big in business investments, is now selling at Amazon Online stores at the cost of $24.95.

“Corporations are like strippers, they are dressed scantily and adorned in plastic make-up. It is therefore no wonder that men find themselves getting fooled in love and investments. But women have no reason to be behind in businesses. We make up for over 50% of customers. It is a pity that only 5% of females are in investments,” said Crystal Stranger explaining why she wrote the book that mainly targets a female audience. “Men too will find the teachings of the book invaluable,” she added.

Pro Choice teaches its readers how to think differently by using an easy step by step process to identify investment opportunities around them and utilizing them to their advantage. The book that promises to help its readers realize their financial strengths explains financial terms in an easy, concise language. It employs life-examples of successful businesswomen who have made it in different investments to explain each of its teachings more vividly.

The book also expounds on how people can develop their financial standards by taking on savings as their prior attempt, so as to avoid unseen circumstances to their lives. It also highlights on how people can take on hard business tasks while enjoying moments with their families. It is written on a foundation of self discovering your own potentials of investment. The book further explains how people can choose on what to invest. How you can acquire confidence in your financial decision making processes is what the book is instructively to guide you in.

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About the Author

A specialist in Tax Law and Real Estate Investment, Crystal Stranger is also the author of The Small Business Tax Guide and had read every book on investment that she could land her hands on from the library by the time she was 17. At 21 years, she was already a home owner and by the time she was 26, she had become a millionaire. As an entrepreneur she owns multiple businesses and has a large real estate portfolio. Professionally, she provides small, medium and large businesses with tax solution advice so that they can maximize their savings.

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