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IN-DEPTH WP Dollar 3.0 Article Published by Internet Marketing Consultant Hanif Quentino (Exclusive eMarketingChamps Bonus)

IN-DEPTH WP Dollar 3.0 Article Published by Internet Marketing Consultant Hanif Quentino (Exclusive eMarketingChamps Bonus)

A complete WP Dollar 3.0 article has been created by Hanif Quentino, who is a seasoned internet marketer, proficient in search engine mastery, conversion optimization and affiliate marketing.

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WP Dollar 3 is a WordPress theme designed specifically for Amazon sellers participating in the Amazon Associates program. It allows users to automate the marketing of products based categories, sub-categories and keywords. Hanif’s review goes into greater detail about how it works. It pulls dynamic content from Amazon and feeds it into WordPress via attractive layouts and designs that are proven to convert.

The Amazon Associates program is one of the most popular affiliate programs out there. It has helped many people to become millionaires in the shortest possible time. Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest home based businesses available to anyone, who want to earn money from their homes. It is estimated that more than $4 billion is spent on affiliate sales in the US alone. This article highlights some of the most important tips to succeed in the Amazon Associates program.

1. Work Hard At It – Even though affiliate marketing is simple, it is not easy. Many people make the mistake of not thinking of affiliate marketing as any other ordinary brick and mortar business. In fact, earning big rewards through affiliate marketing is a fallacy if you are not prepared to put in some hard work at first. Working hard, sticking to your goals, and self-educating yourself continuously are essential qualities if you plan to succeed as an Amazon Associate.

2. Exploit Little Things To Become Successful – There are many little things that are useful when using the Amazon Associates program. In fact, Amazon has a little-known secret about their cookie. If one is able to get an “Add To Cart” button from Amazon, they will extend their cookie for 90-days. This will offer a bigger opportunity to earn bigger commissions from your customers. Either build an Add To Cart button from the Amazon dashboard or use a third-party app to connect via their API. Amazon also offers a tiered structure based on the number of products shipped. Promote lower priced products at first, in order to get into the higher commission brackets quickly.

3. Learn From These Mistakes – Many Amazon Associate affiliates have made quite a few mistakes along the way. You need not make the same mistakes when starting out. All traffic is not highly targeted. Your success depends on the traffic being directly tied to a physical product niche. Build high quality and useful product niche sites, and scale it over the years.

4. Amazon Associates Is One Of The Best Affiliate Programs Out There – Many affiliates who have succeed with the program testifies to this statement. It is one of the simplest programs to earn affiliate commissions if one is prepared to put in some work initially. In fact, every affiliate should review the Amazon associates program to see how it fits with their needs.

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