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FlipBuilder Released Their Latest Online Flipbook Creator V2.2.8

FlipBuilder Released Their Latest Online Flipbook Creator V2.2.8

Page Flipping eBook
Page flipping ebook publishing comes to be easier with the upgraded online flipbook creator – Flip PDF Professional.

FlipBuilder has released a new version 2.2.8 of their Flip PDF Professional tool. Flip PDF Professional is an advanced feature-rich online flipbook creator with page level edit and multimedia functions. The latest version includes Photo Slide Show functionality and HTML5 outputs so that the flip book can be uploaded across multiple technology platforms.

The digital publishing revolution is ongoing. Gone are the days when consumers will be happy with a basic downloadable PDF eBook. Users want to easily read their nonfiction or fictional work from their chosen eReader. Flip PDF Professional enables the user to create page turning eBooks that will be able to easily display on Android, iPad, iPhone and desktop hardware. The team at FlipBuilder understands this and constantly seeks to improve their software, its performance, and increase functionality so that their clients can be ahead of the curve when it comes to eBooks and digital publishing.

“We have seen the future and it is hand-held devices,” says Sam Huang, Chief Engineer of FlipBuilder. “We know that we have the onus to create a product that will not only work with those devices but is able to grow with them. People were happy with their Kindle and it’s black and white pages until Kindle Fire came out. Now they expect interaction with the book and we as developers have to find new and creative ways to give it to them.”

Flip PDF Professional allows the user to use pre-designed templates for a page flipping eBook or start from scratch (for the more creative), making it easy for anyone to customize a digital catalog, brochure, fiction novel or even tutorial “books”. Flip books allows the author to fully engage his or her audience by using interactive media inserts such as YouTube videos, images, audio files, or Flash. Options are near-limitless with this latest version. Not only can one connect in an interpersonal way with reader, but also direct them to website or eStore.

“This is really what they call a “one stop shop product,” Sam Huang explains. “You buy the software, download it and you’re ready to go. Some people like to do everything online but this just isn’t possible for larger distributors, and honestly in spite of all the security precautions out there some people still don’t trust Cloud technology. This product enables you to create on your own system or server and upload when you decide.” Flip PDF Pro provides multiple options to share and distribute the product.  Using this approach one can publish eBook or books online and don’t have to worry about domain limitations or royalty fees. For those who would rather offline, the publications can be distributed through Email, on a DVD, flash and zip, etc. There is also the option for FTP or publishing the eBook using plugins which are, perhaps, the better options for larger distribution.

“We believe in the product one hundred percent,” Sam tells us, “which is why we have a money-back guarantee.”

For those interested in page flipping eBooks or a flipbook creator at an affordable price, Flip PDF Professional is the way to go.


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