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Does Size Matter? A New Angle for Sound with EasyAcc

Does Size Matter? A New Angle for Sound with EasyAcc

EasyAcc® Energy Cube Bluetooth Speaker
EasyAcc Energy Cube, a new but simple Bluetooth speaker turns smartphone into a mobile music system for those on the move.

With the motto of the company, EasyAcc, towards “Make it easy! Make everything easy!”, the Energy Cube is designed with flashy looking and great sound as well.

The Energy Cube, as the 4th product in EasyAcc’s line of Bluetooth speakers, it has the similar functions to their previous models though, the Cube, on the whole, is nothing like the previous ones. And it’s believed that it will be totally different from any other Bluetooth speakers you all had seen. Crisp, flawless, cut sharply in perfect lines, the Bluetooth Speaker is wholly revealed to be a brilliant feature.

While setting the Bluetooth Speaker in normal resting position and turning it on, the blue lighted lines stay on with a bright steady glow; or the lines flash about every half a second. Upon the first connection with a Bluetooth device, it will take a moment longer than the subsequent connection.

If holding the Bluetooth Speaker on all the time, within closer to 12-13 meters with or without obstructions in the way, it is fully in control of the iPod or phone with no need to worry about losing the connection. While at a higher volume, surprisingly sound with high fidelity is given by its size. Meanwhile, when playing the music, it beats with the blue light, just as the integration and enjoyment in the music, or adding some sparking flavor in the music air.

I am not a die-hard audiophile, but I do admit that something “bling” is preferable when listening to music. Clearly, the EasyAcc Energy Cube along with the special blue light that actually has brought something new to music listening and music enjoyment.

Whether a person is out for something to increase the volume of the phone’s speaker or to power and beat the outdoor parties, the EasyAcc Energy Cube will perform the role well or better than the expectation, which is available from Amazon for $19.49 with the promotion code 5ZKC6KGH till 27th, March 2015.

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About EasyAcc

Headquartered in Hong Kong, EasyAcc is mainly engaged in handy electronic products and accessories with style, involving external batteries, Bluetooth devices, wireless storage, cases for PC, tablets and cellphones, etc. In the pursuit of excellence, EasyAcc takes the “3G” core values, great products, great value and great service. Detailed speaking, EasyAcc never compromise on product qualities and continuously track client satisfaction or complains. With us, life is easy and simple.

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