Phoenix News Desk Reveals Top 5 Most Expensive Food Menus In The World Reveals Top 5 Most Expensive Food Menus In The World

Popular Finnish blog site is known for its interesting and unique take on various issues concerning a wide range of topics like food, entertainment, environment and lifestyle among others. In a recent blog post, the site has revealed the top 5 most expensive food menus of the world. This interesting piece of information is based on the price tag, quality of food and ambience the restaurants have to offer and also by researching the opinions of food critics from across the world.

Acknowledging the increasing number of people the world over who depend on the internet for a wide spectrum of information, popular blogging website continues to produce some of the most interesting and unique news and information capsules. 

In a recent post, the website has revealed the world’s top 5 most expensive food menus comprising restaurants from across the globe. This blog is bound to take off as a good read for food enthusiasts, who live and breathe quality cuisine.

Speaking to the media, a blogger of the team from GoZend stated, “We have been contemplating coming up with some interesting posts on food and dining. Coming up with the top most expensive food menus will fuel people’s interest in these restaurants and will make for an interesting read.” He added, “We based our results on the opinions of the best food connoisseurs and food critics who would’ve set standard industry benchmarks before arriving at a conclusion.”

Interestingly enough, the restaurants, which feature on the top five list of most expensive food served, also rate very high on food quality, presentation, ingredients used and ambience. New York City’s upscale Japanese restaurant Masa, features on this list with an average price tag of $450 per person. Masion pic in Valence features on the list with its family style restaurant menu priced at $445 per person. Argawa in Tokyo, Le Meurice in France and Kitcho in Kyoto Japan, are also on the list due to their over the top lavish menu, which claims to contain the world’s most luxurious and niche ingredients.

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