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IN-DEPTH ‘Covert Commissions’ Article & Exclusive [Fast Traffic] Bonus – Created by IM Expert Hanif Quentino (eMarketingChamps)

IN-DEPTH ‘Covert Commissions’ Article & Exclusive [Fast Traffic] Bonus – Created by IM Expert Hanif Quentino (eMarketingChamps)

Does Covert Commissions deliver on its promise of giving online marketers a ‘business in a box’ system and complete marketing funnels that drive revenue on autopilot?

Hanif Quentino answers this question in his in-depth article, which can be found on this site:

Covert Commissions is specifically designed to help marketers build a business with the Clickbank platform. There are hundreds of affiliate programs out there. However, Clickbank is one where an entrepreneur can be sure that they are going to be paid on time. However, the biggest confusion for affiliate marketers is to choose a product from the thousands of products that are available in the Clickbank marketplace.

As mentioned above, there are thousands of products in the marketplace. The products are comparatively easy to review & create. So, product vendors think that they can just put some information together and slap a sales copy and affiliates will take care of the rest. The end result is that there are a lot of crappy products with crappy sales pages on the marketplace. It won’t be wrong to say that a significant percentage of the products available in the marketplace are crappy or at best average.

Therefore, one needs to be very careful while choosing products to promote. You need to check the product, the sales copy, the website, the landing page and other things such as vendor support to make sure that the product is good and the vendor has tested things to ensure that the conversion rate is good. You also need to keep in mind that your reputation is also at stake when you are recommending a product. Do not associate your brand with a crappy product.

How to Pick Products?

Some people may pick products by category related to their blog but this is not the best way to choose products. It is recommended to go to the marketplace and make use of the advanced search option there. You need to choose the category that is most related to your blog and then sort the products by gravity.

In simple terms, gravity can be defined as the number that shows how many people are earning with that particular product. So, a higher gravity number means more people are selling & reviewing this product successfully. However, this does not mean that lower gravity products are not good. The product with lower gravity are being sold by lesser number of people which means there is less competition but it also means that the risk is comparatively high. Ultimately, you will need to choose products based on gut feeling.

It is recommended to pick products with gravity of at least 60. You also need to take a close look at the numbers of average % per sale and the initial dollars per sale. For instance, even if a product has high gravity but low payout, you are not going to make a lot. Its always advisable to review the numbers carefully. Therefore, you need to select a minimum payout amount.

Advanced search also allows the choice of products in other languages such as German, Spanish and French. There is also a rebill percentage number mentioned against each product. It means that you are going to make money each month as these products are subscription based.

More Tips:

• It is recommended to promote only high quality products that you like. Your reviews are going to feel genuine if you actually love the product and recommend it to others.

• Do not forget to check the affiliate tools provided by the vendor. Many vendors provide excellent advice regarding the target audience and the best ways to promote that particular product.

• Always test affiliate links multiple times to make sure that they are working as they should.

• Its also advisable to regularly check your competition and figure out whether they are successful at promoting some product or not.

• Check out the sales copy and hype in the sales page. See whether the product is worthy of buying the based on the sales copy.

The full Covert Commissions review can be seen here:

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