Phoenix News Desk – The Website That Matches Aspiring Entrepreneurs with Fitting Business Moves from Beta to Live – The Website That Matches Aspiring Entrepreneurs with Fitting Business Moves from Beta to Live

By Matching an individual’s skills and resources with the right business opportunity, the service saves on research time and protects entrepreneurs from making business mistakes.

March 26, 2015 – is an intelligent internet service that seeks to match an aspiring entrepreneur’s skills and passion with the various business opportunities available. The website seeks to empower individuals who are looking to get into business but do not know the right business opportunity to get involved in. The website has a large database of business franchises, opportunities and generic business concepts and by use of a patented algorithm, the service is able to match one’s skills, strength, resources, available time, location and passion with the closest fitting business opportunity. By matching an individual’s skill set with the right business, the website seeks to reduce the amount of time that an aspiring business person spends researching and this match also seeks to increases the chances of business success.

According to CEO Frank J. Codina, the website was first released in January 2014 as a Beta version to try out the service. There were thousands of individuals from 190 nations who tried out the Beta version and the feedback collected was used to enhance and improve the system. In a press release, Frank announced that the website service was now stable, effective and ready to roll out to the rest of the world. The website supports 5 different languages and includes business opportunities available across the world.

How it Works

The service is free of charge and available to the general public. Once an individual registers and logs into the website, he or she is guided through a survey questionnaire that will take about 15 minutes to fill out. With the information provided on this survey, the engine immediately matches the applicant with the ideal business opportunities. The resulting business opportunities report comes with the full information needed to get started and run the business successfully. This information includes the capital needed, time required, expected returns, training on the opportunity and any other information necessary to run the business.

Besides matching the aspiring entrepreneurs with the best fitting business, the website also provides business training and other tools to help the members improve their business knowledge and skills and thereby increase their chances of success.

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