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IN-DEPTH EngagiFire Article and Exclusive [Fast Traffic Bonus] – Created by IM Consultant Hanif Quentino (eMarketingChamps)

IN-DEPTH EngagiFire Article and Exclusive [Fast Traffic Bonus] – Created by IM Consultant Hanif Quentino (eMarketingChamps)

Does the EngagiFire App deliver on its promise of helping online businesses increase their leads, sales and overall conversions with the use ‘graphical offers’ that are easy to create?

Hanif Quentino, an IM consultant, answers this question on this website:

EngagiFire is a tool that create overlays and popus with enterprise level marketing functionalities built in. It promises to be an easy to use tool, even for complete beginners. The majority of landing pages and websites make use of popups or dialogue boxes for lead generation. While it is true that popups can significantly improve sales, if you don’t do it the right way, you’ll end up just like any other businessman losing customers, which should have been yours.

Eliminate the guess-work and start doing something today to gain more subscribers and to help convert those people on an optin list. Here are the 6 important practices to always review to increase your popup conversions:

#1: Be Result-Oriented

It is important that a business starts their campaign with the results you have always wanted to achieve. What do you want to gain with your popups? Do you look forward to getting more sales from a sales launch, or do you need to gain more subscribers? Determine what your desired results are to make sure that you’ll be taking the right path.

By determining the results that are desired, it’ll be easier for you to determine the actions that you need to take to keep your popups effective. Remember, have a goal, know what your desired results are, and your chances of boosting your conversions are higher.

#2: Keep It Sweet, Short, And Simple

Don’t add fluff or other words that will make the popup look long. Again, focus on your results and keep your write-up brief and concise. People will not spend most of their time reading long pop-up texts. People will appreciate and pay more attention to simple and concise texts.

#3: Ask For Less

Don’t ask for data that they’re not comfortable giving. This is one of the reasons why many website owners don’t get results with their popups. Ask data that you only need. If you don’t need their phone number, or home address, don’t add it to your form! It will just make your potential sign-ups close their browser and leave, for good.

#4: Perfect Timing Is Important

Getting the popup, to appear at the right time, plays an essential role. One of the most effective popups is placing the exact same banner ad that you have on your site and use it when they’re trying to leave the page. This has been proven to increase conversions up to 200%. Don’t believe this article – believe the results & reviews. Other people have seen significant results by doing so and it might just work for you as well.

#5: Make Creativity Work

There are different ways to keep potential customers interested. While there are standard popups, the ones that you typically see everywhere, you can be a bit more creative to catch your readers’ attention. Add graphics or make your popups use color psychology to improve conversions.

#6: Test Content At All Times

When an application has been chosen for creating these popups, don’t forget to test your content. All those signups will turn into waste if they don’t work – you don’t want to risk losing all these potential customers, don’t you?

Boosting popup conversions is simple – just by using the above-mentioned 6 hacks.

Hanif’s full EngagiFire review can be seen on this page:

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Hanif’s in-depth EngagiFire article & exclusive bonus can be viewed here:

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