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Alcoholism Risk Spans All Income Levels, But Financial Status May Influence Contributing Factors, Says Chapters Capistrano

Alcoholism Risk Spans All Income Levels, But Financial Status May Influence Contributing Factors, Says Chapters Capistrano

Addiction does not discriminate, but how much a person makes may affect what factors influence their drinking and risk of alcoholism, explains Chapters Capistrano.

There are many stigmas that surround alcoholism, and one is that it typically affects those of lower income. However, people with higher income levels are also at risk. Addiction does not discriminate and can affect anyone, though researchers know that there are many contributing factors. A recent study has found that income level may impact how much genetics or environment influence drinking, according to an article on NPR. Chapters Capistrano has issued a statement to the press regarding these findings.

The article notes “there was a lot more variation in how much people drank if they had lower incomes, with some drinking heavily and others drinking not at all, the researchers found. By contrast, people with higher incomes were more likely to drink, but also more apt to moderate their drinking.” In order to gather data, researchers interviewed 672 pairs of identical and fraternal adult twins. They were interviewed initially and then again 10 years later. While identical twins have the same genes, fraternal twins do not, and each pair grew up in the same environment.

“We have long known that there are many factors that contribute to risk of alcoholism,” says Mike Shea, founder of Chapters Capistrano, an Orange County drug and alcohol rehab center. “But this study further highlights the contrast in these influences. We cannot look at one risk factor alone to predict outcomes because it is a combination of several components working together.”

For those with lower incomes, genetics may play a stronger role because of their financial status and the stress that it can bring about. On the other hand, those with a higher income are often raised in an environment where drinking is more of a social norm, so they may tend to drink more frequently. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that one in three American adults drink too much, according to the article.

“Rehab facilities treat clients from across the financial spectrum,” says Shea. “When you take away income, genetics, and environment, they are all still struggling with the same basic issues and working to overcome their addiction. Many people turn to alcohol as a way to escape their problems or cope with challenging situations – and that is true whether you make a lot of money or are barely getting by.”

By better understanding how various risk factors influence one another, researchers may be able to develop more effective strategies for reducing risk and targeting treatment. As the article states, “ultimately this study shows the complex, tangled influences on drinking behavior and how they play off each other.”

“Regardless of income, there is treatment available,” says Shea. “That should not stand in people’s way of getting the help they need. At Chapters Capistrano, we help clients to work through issues that led to their substance misuse so that they can create healthier routines and reduce risk of relapse. They have the power to turn their situation around and make a brighter future.”


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