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BizXpert Highlights Small Business Productivity Hacks

BizXpert Highlights Small Business Productivity Hacks

BizXpert illuminates some tried and true practices for entrepreneurial efficiency.

Productivity and efficiency are key concerns for any business, but they may be especially coveted by small business owners and freelancers, who often have to handle many functions all on their own and cannot afford to have any time or effort wasted. A recent Huffington Post article highlights the need for entrepreneurial efficiency, and offers small business owners some specific ways in which they can maximize productivity. In a new statement to the press, BizXpert has highlighted the article and endorsed its efforts at helping business owners maximize their productivity.

“Productivity is at the heart of the BizXpert app,” comments Tibor Kulcsar, developer of the BizXpert app. “What our app provides is a seamless and intuitive way for business owners and freelancers to automate their invoicing functions; rather than spend hours organizing invoices, business owners can use our app to invoice in just a minute or two.”

Automation and systemization are both keys to productivity, as explained in the Huffington Post feature. “Is there a part of your business that slows you down or frustrates you?” the article asks. “Find a way to make challenging aspects work on autopilot and it will free you up to tackle other responsibilities and make your business run smoother.”

Additionally, the article encourages business owners to knock out simple tasks as soon as they arise—shooting e-mails or doing two-minutes tasks immediately, rather than kicking them to later in the day or in the week. At the same time, business owners are encouraged to address their least desirable tasks first. “Get them done first, cross them off your list, and you won’t have to think about them any more,” the article advises.

Additional points from The Huffington Post include exercising in the morning, disconnecting from technology when necessary, and slowing down on personal social media.

“Anything business owners can do to free some time and some mind power is ultimately a boon for the business,” Kulcsar notes. “We hope the free BizXpert app is helpful in offering just that.”


BizXpert is an all-inclusive invoicing app, making it easy for small business owners to create and send new invoices in a matter of seconds. The app provides a full array of invoice management tools, reports, and even appointment setting and inventory management features. Available for a free download in the Windows store, BizXpert is compatible with all Windows 8 devices. BizXpert was developed by Tibor Kulcsar, the Hungarian Software King.

More information is available at and @bizxpertapp

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