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LO`LO PROJECT Launches KickStarter to Raise $60,000 for a Mobile-Device Chip

LO`LO PROJECT Launches KickStarter to Raise $60,000 for a Mobile-Device Chip

The ‘Lo’Lo Project has been introduced to give meteorologist the ability to predict both the touch down zone and the path of a tornado prior to cone formation, the project has been under work for the past few years during which the team working for the LoLo project has faced many challenges and triumphs in their path of creating a system that maybe a Tornado Prediction breakthrough that the meteorologists have been waiting for. The system may be able to assist in the accurate prediction of the path of a tornado and touch down zone even before cone formation. The current challenge the team has to overcome is to raise $60,000 for the ground testing of Totable Weather Engagement and Enhancement Technology (T.W.E.E.T.). To achieve this goal LO`LO PROJECT has launched a KickStarter crowdfunding camping to raise $60,000 between now and April 24th 2015.

According to the LoLo project narrative for the KickStarter campaign, when the money is raised with the help generous supporters, who want to help make tornadoes less destructive through accurate prediction and subsequent timely preventive measures, the money will fund the building of 500 prototypes of T.W.E.E.T. and test it under different weather conditions, including tornadoes. The development and the testing will require proper safety equipment, a reliable and durable vehicle, communication equipment to get up to date information on upper level weather conditions, the ability to record all data obtained to assure T.W.E.E.T. is functioning properly, and the ability to deploy T.W.E.E.T. while testing to assure that the required readings are collected.

Severe weather such as tornadoes wreak havoc in many parts of US and the rest of the world, unfortunately tornadoes are one of the most unpredictable severe weather conditions which makes them even more catastrophic, the recent tornado in the mid-west (Oklahoma and Arkansas) are an example of the destructive nature of tornadoes. The `Lo`Lo Project aims to prevent the destruction through accurate prediction, providing longer warning time, the aim is to enhance present day tornado and weather prediction/warning methods which will protect the lives of citizens in the United States and around the world.

T.W.E.E.T or Totable Weather Engagement and Enhancement Technology is the result of an experiment in The `Lo`Lo Project and will be a mobile-device chip that can be installed in a mobile device and would be able to communicate with the device to send readings of pressure, temperature and humidity from the mobile device sensors to data analysis facilities, strictly for weather analysis.

The developer of the concept April Richelle Vogt explained: “At first, I was looking at building microcontroller weather stations into traffic sensors, giving us a great deal of coverage. However, after exposure to the penetration rate of smartphones and mobile devices around the United States, I was able to manipulate a BMP085 Barometric Pressure sensor (now being replaced with the upgraded version, BMP180), HIH-4030 Hygrometer/Thermometer, and an RFduino RFD22301 to create a thin microchip that would be able to communicate with the device and send readings from sensors to a data analysis facility in near-to-real time (few second delay) strictly for weather analysis.”

The `Lo`lo project website states that the project and the hypothesis were initially designed by April R. Vogt, an undergraduate meteorology student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. The hypothesis took multiple years of work and correlates ground level pressure, temperature, and humidity to determining the path of a tornado prior to cone formation.  The intention of The `Lo`Lo Project is to experiment Vogt’s hypothesis and create a cost effective ground level monitoring system that will increase accuracy in weather forecasting. Understandably, the subject matter and the experimentation, testing and collection of usable data for the hypothesis and the consequential devices developed require a constant flow of support of peers and funding.

About the challenges April and her project have faced, she said: “With a project this large, we have been faced with many challenges. From explaining my hypothesis to people with an array of meteorological backgrounds, to distinguishing potential points of errors with readings coming from mobile-devices, to finding ways to assure my technology will not impede people’s privacy, this entire project in itself is overcoming one of the greatest challenges in meteorology.”

To raise the $60,000 to help overcome some of the challenges the project faces, April and her team are looking towards the generosity of individuals and companies who wish to save lives and minimalize destruction caused by severe weather conditions such as tornadoes, people who back the LoLo Project’s Kickstarter campaign for T.W.E.E.T will be receiving various perk offer by the team as a token of appreciation. The team also encourages people to share the word about The LoLo Project and the positive change to many lives it can bring.

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About LoLo Project:

The LoLo Project is based on a hypothesis that can potentially give meteorologist the ability to predict both the touch down zone and path of a tornado prior to cone formation. The project is in its experimental phase.

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