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TOKATA Announces the Launch of its New Reward Social Network Service

TOKATA Announces the Launch of its New Reward Social Network Service

In a bid to meet the demands of its global consumer base, TOKATA has enriched its social network service by launching a new reward system. A social network system that rewards its users for their social activity.In addition to that it has revamped its design.

March 30, 2015 – Seoul, South-Korea – TOKATA is a new app from Windorado that essentially aggregates all the interests that people have liked on Facebook and provides the platform where people can come together, discover and really interact with people that share the same interest. 

Since it collects the interests from users, fanclubs are automatically created, users have insight on who else (friends or not) have liked a certain interest and immediate interaction is possible from the moment somebody logs in.

Today it announced the launch of its brand new Rewarding System. Packed with groundbreaking new features, this new service has been specially designed to accommodate its users.

According to company’s spokesperson: “With our new Reward System, customers are able to manage their own fanclubs and get rewarded for this. The ability to earn a bit of money for your social activity is something we’ve never seen before on a social network.”

WINDORADO, the company behind Tokata has been providing social apps for several years now. With their new social network service they aim to create a fanclub based community. People can meet new friends based on mutual interests by checking what pages they have liked on Facebook.  People like to “like” things on Facebook. Even the statistics don’t lie about it, pages like Shakira’s, Christiano Ronaldo, Coca-Cola and YouTube are among the top 10 pages that have tens of millions fans (Socialbakers). These are incredible numbers and show what a powerful platform it is to reach people.

But using Facebook as a community around a certain interest shows its inconvenience. It simply is too overwhelming and Facebook also doesn’t deliver any functions which would make a highly engaging community possible.  

To commemorate the launch, Windorado is searching for editors and has therefore opened up an Indiegogo campaign ( New users will be able to manage their own fanclubs on Tokata.

Getting people together and building a community from the ground up.

The app has been well received so far since its release earlier this year. Tokata is now in its Beta Phase and ready to download from the Google Playstore:

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