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Integrity Home Pro Shares Ways to Increase Home Value Before a Sale

Integrity Home Pro Shares Ways to Increase Home Value Before a Sale

Integrity Home Pro lists home improvement projects that can make a property more valuable.

Real estate is often described as an investment, and for homeowners, it is worthwhile to think about the ways in which this investment can be enhanced and protected. For those looking to sell their home in the near future, a few home improvement projects can significantly enhance its buyer appeal — and thus, increase the odds of selling it quickly and for a higher price. In a new statement to the press, Integrity Home Pro lists some of the best options for boosting home value.

“Not all home remodeling projects are created equal,” comments Danny Peterson, founder of Integrity Home Pro. “Homeowners should focus on the projects that are most likely to make a difference in the minds of potential buyers.”

As for major remodeling projects, kitchen and bathroom work tend to be the most beneficial. According to a recent Economic Voice report, these projects can yield a return on investment as high as 83 percent. “These are the rooms buyers are pickiest about, and as such they are the rooms in which your remodeling dollar stretches the furthest,” Peterson offers.

The same Economic Voice article also makes the case for room additions — though Peterson cautions that some rooms add more value than others. “Bedrooms and sunrooms tend to add value, while home offices typically do not,” he affirms.

There are some smaller scale projects homeowners might consider, as well—including replacing the front door or the windows. “Believe it or not, these are two of the things that buyers are most likely to notice and to appreciate,” says Peterson. “Replacing the door or the windows can add a great deal of value to the home, and cost considerably less than full remodels.”

Basic home maintenance — exterior painting, landscaping, and anything that improves curb appeal — is also recommended.

“Homeowners interested in increasing their home’s value before a sale are encouraged to speak with a remodeling professional about what might add the most value,” Peterson concludes.

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Integrity Home Pro is a home improvement and remodeling company based in Baltimore and serving the surrounding area. The company was founded by Danny Peterson, with the mission of being a positive alternative to other, less-than-reputable remodeling companies. Since its founding, Integrity Home Pro has made a name for itself on the basis of its transparency, its peerless warranties, its exceptional customer service, and its strict adherence to the Golden Rule.

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