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March 31, 2015 – America – is a well-known name in the Glass Edging Machine manufacturing industry that design, produce and supply their exclusive products worldwide to serve the industry of glass machineries. If you have already used some of their machinery and get an outstanding outcome of the same, there is good news for you. You will be glad to know that recently they have launched their unique glass drilling machine that is designed in a special manner so as to solve any type of problems related with drilling glass.

Being a trusted name in the Glass Double Edging Machine manufacturing industry, they understand the difficulties and challenge faced by the people dealing with drilling of glass. Even a minor mistake and negligence can damage the glass and lead you to face a huge loss. Such problems, enhance the cost of production as to accomplish the process of glass drilling perfectly; you need to seek out the help of those professionals that have expertise in drilling glass. Apart from these, the process of glass drilling is pretty time consuming and hence affect the volume of production to a significant extent.

In the words of the spokesperson of, “We are fully aware of the present scenario of glass drilling process. Over the years, our professionals are engaged in research and development in order to generate machine that can be the perfect solution of drilling glass irrespective of their thickness and size. Our glass drilling machine can provide you with the best solution ever. We include pneumatic glass clamper in our machine so as it can drill various thicknesses of flat glasses properly. Our technicians design and incorporate the upper and lower drillers in such a way and position that they can drill in the opposite direction without any failure. We understand the versatile requirement of the customers and hence come with different models of glass drilling machines that are equipped with advanced and unique technologies in order to serve your purpose to the most.”

In order to make the experience of drilling glass hassle free and smooth, they come with an enriched product line. 1000x800x1650 mm and 1850x800x1750 mm of glass drilling machines gain immense popularity among the customers as they can perform a wide range of performance. Whether you wish to drill glass of 2000×1500 mm and 1500×700 mm into various thicknesses, there is hardly any option that can drill your glass more perfectly than the glass drilling machine of the respective company. You can easily drill glass to 3 to 19 mm of thickness with the aforementioned models of machine.

Interestingly, the sole purpose of the manufacturer is to help improve the production of any business with the cutting edge machineries. They have designed their machine in such a way that you can find both automatic and manual options. You can even visit the official website at at your convenient time to get comprehensive information on the machine. Simply choose the one that suits your process of production. Furthermore, the models of machines also vary based on the weight, the diameter of hole and power supply system of the machine. The machines are available in a heartwarming rate.


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