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BizXpert Highlights Best Practices for Small Biz Invoicing

BizXpert Highlights Best Practices for Small Biz Invoicing

BizXpert makes note of some professional tips for effective invoicing.

The world of the small business owner can seem ever subject to change, yet there are a few things that remain constant—such as the need to invoice clients. According to a recent article from Nerd Wallet, “Large companies have dedicated accountants to do their invoicing, but most small-business owners have to do it themselves. And the average small business is waiting for more than $5,000 in overdue payments in any given month.” The article goes on to offer some invoicing tips. Meanwhile, BizXpert has issued a new statement to the press, commenting on the Nerd Wallet article and best invoicing practices in general.

“Invoicing is a fundamental competency of any small business owner,” says Tibor Kulcsar, the developer of BizXpert. “When you do it poorly, it wastes a lot of time and you likely won’t get paid what you are do. When you do it well, your invoicing system is efficient, effective, and streamlined.”

One of the secrets to doing invoicing well, according to Nerd Wallet, is to automate the process. The article claims that 70 percent of small business owners use automated invoicing software, but Kulcsar says it should be a full 100. “There is no reason not to systematize the process with an intuitive, time-saving program such as the free BizXpert app,” he notes.

Another tip is to provide a full, written proposal before work even begins—including a written quote. “A quote should include the estimated cost of the job and how you accept payments, whether with cash, credit card, check or online,” the Nerd Wallet article states. “Make sure the customer accepts your terms in writing before you accept the order.”

Payment terms are also important. “Don’t allow your customer six months in which to pay their bill,” Kulcsar offers. “Leave a payment window of 30 days or less. Specify payment terms and penalties, and consider offering small discounts for early payments.”

A final, surprising tip from Nerd Wallet: Using polite language on an invoice, such as please and thank you, significantly boosts the odds of it being paid on time. “You need to be firm and direct with your customers, but that’s no reason not to also be nice,” Kulcsar concludes.


BizXpert is an all-inclusive invoicing app, making it easy for small business owners to create and send new invoices in a matter of seconds. The app provides a full array of invoice management tools, reports, and even appointment setting and inventory management features. Available for a free download in the Windows store, BizXpert is compatible with all Windows 8 devices. BizXpert was developed by Tibor Kulcsar, the Hungarian Software King.

More information is available at and @bizxpertapp

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