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Gwen & Tiana launch a Fundraiser Campaign for their debut album project

Gwen & Tiana launch a Fundraiser Campaign for their debut album project

Gwen & Tiana is a soul music vocal duo that has taken the hearts of their fans with a storm. They are currently aiming at establishing a fundraising campaign that will assist them produce their next big album. The funds, as they say, will be used for purposes of preparation of the studio and the recording process of the album, which is targeted for release by February 2016.

Well wishers can support the project by visiting their campaign where they can pre-order our debut album at fair costs and respective rewards. Through contributing, you get the chance to be the first one to get their download debut album via email for as little as $ 10. You can also pre-order to receive the album on CD, an autographed album. Additionally, you get the opportunity to have executive producer credit if you are in the line of music. You also have access to full band concerts, acoustic house concerts and so much more. They also gave opportunity to meet them for a drink on a mutually agreed spot in major cities such as Lausanne, Paris and Warsaw. Other rewards resulting from your contribution include having access to singing lessons offered by their professional coaches.

Both Gwen & Tiana, having been brought up in different African countries, it was in France when they met back in time in 2012 and were brought together by their passion towards music. They later established a music academy in Lausanne for training and coaching both amateur and professional artists about vocals, soundtracks, backups and much more. They have assisted quite a number of artists and saw them propel and excel in music. They have also worked alongside a number of international and local artists, some of them being, Derrick McKenzie, Martha high, and many more. Gwen & Tiana are inspired by artists such as Miriam Makeba, Richard Borner, Stevie wonder, and Angelique Kidjo, among many others.

From interviews, Gwen & Tiana reveal that they are quite confident in themselves and their campaign, and are assured to give it their best to their fans and audience. Most of their music is about bringing happiness, good emotions, about Africa, and positive thoughts. Thanks to the bond they have through their music, they also are each other’s supporter and encourager. The campaign will see them propel to the next level and probably inspire many great artists out there, once they release their debut album.

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