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Brannan Tempest Launches and Campaigns for The Voters Mandate

Brannan Tempest Launches and Campaigns for The Voters Mandate

Brannan Tempest is interested in changing the political landscape of the UK by helping voters prioritise their policies and effect real change in the voting booth. Now, Mr. Tempest has launched and campaigns to raise funds to create “The UK Voters Mandate”.

Many voters in the UK are not happy with their voting options.  Sometimes, having only one candidate or party is not enough.  A candidate may stand firm on certain issues of which voters approve, but they may take exception with the candidate on other issues. Furthermore, the policies supported by each MP and party are not necessarily very clear to the voters.  

Brannan Tempest has been studying the UK’s voting system for some time and is developing a way for voters to prioritise their preferred current policies., sending a clear message to the government.  Further, this program would allow voters to air their stance on new issues and to instantly agree or disagree with urgent new political issues, giving Parliament a rapid opinion on current events.

This new program is known as The Voters Mandate, and will consist of a central, ultra-fast network hub and an independent app for voting and viewing voting trend data.  According to Brannan Tempest, “We need to urgently re-kindle the political spirit within our young and old voters.  We the voters deserve more say in our country’s spending and future, and we must instruct our MPs in a far better way by giving them a clear concise, dynamic and prioritized mandate.”

The campaign is located at and the IndieGoGo campaign, located at have a goal of £4,650,000 GBP.  For £1 GBP, donors will have their names placed on the petition to be sent to Parliament.  For £10 GBP, donors will receive the free policy voting app when it becomes available.  For £50 GBP, donors receive free app enhancements, including trend view.  Other donation amounts are also accepted. See the andIndieGoGo pages for specific perks associated with each pledge level.

About The Voters Mandate:  

The Voters Mandate is a program designed to deliver real-time voting data to MPs and voters who are responsible for making important decisions for Great Britain.



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