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Celebrities Support HempWeedBud’s Crowdfunding Campaign, Launched for a Cause

Celebrities Support HempWeedBud’s Crowdfunding Campaign, Launched for a Cause

After many decades of stigmatization of cannabis use, people are beginning to realize that the controlled use of the herb might not be as bad as it was once thought out to be. An increasing number of A-list celebrities like Dr. Oz & Susan Sarandon, and health experts have started  campaigns that supports the legalization of the use of cannabis or marijuana for its numerous health benefits that would in turn make people’s live more fulfilling and healthier. HempWeedBud has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $45,000 USD within the next 20 days, for the purpose of opening a Resource Center that will provide guidance regarding hemp related therapy to people suffering from various forms of cancer, HIV/Aids and other diseases as well as ‘free’ health conscious meals delivered to homes of those suffering with these diseases. Years ago the subject was highly ignored, in part because it was raised by the Gay Community in the treatment of HIV/Aids… and more than a decade later we find the suggestion they raised concerning hemp cannabis use was right.

The person behind the HempWeedBud.Com cause, Motion Picture Producer: Benjamin Jimerson-Philips is also the creator of the Indiegogo funding campaign and a firm believer of the health benefits of weed and hemp oil, after witnessing the effects of hemp oil on his mother, who was diagnosed with colon cancer. Although his mother was unable to win her battle against the cancer, mainly due to age and late diagnosis, according Benjamin the positive effects of Hemp oil use were evident  and cannabis oil can be a strong contender as a Cancer cure. This personal experience and many other similar accounts have encouraged him to spread this information and the benefits to other people who are dealing with pain and great discomfort due to ailments like cancer, lupus, HIV/Aids and chronic pain.

In favor of legalization of hemp/cannabis, Benjamin said: “Politicians and Pharmaceutical Companies do NOT want to see Hemp/Cannabis legalized due to pure and simple GREED, the inability to profit from a cure that any man or woman can grow in their own back yard. That motivates them to try and stop the legalization, even though they know it saves lives.”

According to the campaign pitch for the cause, the proposed Center will provide resources & Professional Counseling to people suffering with Cancer/HIV & AIDS by a team of qualified Doctor(s), Nurse(s), Councilor(s) about Hemp related therapy without Government control.  The center will also be focusing on the benefits of whole food and alternative treatments. Not just cannabis, but proper nutrition, good foods, herbs, etc.

Another purpose the research center will be fulfilling is to provide “free” healthy meals to those who are not able to afford it, including free home delivery to the elderly and sick. HempWeedBud campaign: www.HempWeedBud.Com

Benjamin encourages people to support the cause by contributing money and spreading the word for the satisfaction of helping a cause that aims to eliminate needless suffering and pain.

About us: is a campaign in favor of legalization of cannabis for its health benefits, it is in the process of raising funds and support for a Resource Center.

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